Dental Online Marketing Packages

Economical solution to provide steady growth.
Why DGS Pro?

This is an economical but comprehensive marketing solution providing dental professionals with steady online growth for their practice.  The core focus of this package revolves around onsite optimization, offsite optimization, reputation management, and social media marketing.  We provide detailed monthly reports showing progress with online rankings, online reviews, social media metrics, and website traffic.  Each client will receive a one hour phone consultation each month to review progress and map out online marketing strategies for the months ahead.  


Ideal solution for rapid growth in moderate size markets.
Why DGS Plus?

This is a more detailed marketing solution designed to provide rapid growth for dentists in moderate sized markets.   This package includes the core focus of on on site and off site optimization, reputation management, and social media, but also adds a more dynamic element of content marketing through blog promotion.  Clients will receive detailed reports measuring rankings, website traffic, social media metrics, and reviews on a monthly basis.  This solution will also include detailed monthly one hour phone consultations to ensure clients are aware of progress.


Comprehensive solution for domination in competitive markets.
Why DGS Premium?

This is a detailed, comprehensive marketing solution designed to ensure dentists can dominate any type of competitive market.    This packages includes a focus on the core on site and off site optimization in more detail, reputation management, extensive social media marketing, blog and you tube promotion, and multi market targeting.  Clients using this solution will receive continuous detailed reports with metrics on rankings, traffic flow, social media, and reviews.   One hour monthly phone consultations will ensure each client is updated and maintain dynamic growth strategies.